By the year of 2025, even with all provisos on the Moore's Law, the  hardware manufacturers    Intel ,   AMD ,   IBM   will beyond doubt  increase   performance of publicly affordable computers hundredfolds.

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    Moore's Law

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 However, this striking growth in performace is going virtually to  return  to dust by the today's code and fix paradigm.

Weinberg's Second Law:

If builders built buildings the way programmers wrote programs,
then the first woodpecker that came along would destroy civilization.

    Why Software Is So Bad? (pdf, 428 Kb)

    Software: So Bad, It Can Only Get Better

    Airland Battle Doctrine and the Strategic Computing Initiative

   What is the hardware software conflict like for Maple computer algebra system?

   A known Maple expert, the founder of maple8 / maple-new groups, Carl DeVore, writes in the message 111 of Oct 1, 2002:

      Some users are getting very frustrated with the lack of public information about bugs.  I believe that if nothing     is done to address this issue, then Maple will quickly become a system which is only useful for teaching calculus     and other low-level courses. It will be useless for research.

    About teaching calculus, currently, it is an overstatement, to see why  

   Another Maple expert Rafal Ablamowicz writes in the maple8 message 183 of Oct 26, 2002:

     I strongly support the idea of having a site listing Maple bugs as posted by Vladimir Bondarenko and       commented on by Bertfried Fauser

   Jacques M. TORRE writes in the message to comp.soft-sys.math.maple of Sep 26, 2003:

     Maplesoft is fucking around with Macintosh users.

     Even more, yet another Maple expert Harald Pleym writes in the message to comp.soft-sys.math.maple of Dec 28, 2003:

     Sorry to say, but I think Maplesofts days are numbered.

   The hardware software conflict has many facets and is obviously difficult to resolve. What might be a  ?

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