Rephrasing a famous IBM Consulting Group ad, we can ask you:

Is Your Perfect Solution Locked Away in the Wrong Maple Answer?

If yes, we can help you to enjoy more stability and less overheads.

   If you are a Maple user then

   instead of rummaging the Internet over hundred sites bearing    variegated Maple bug information or writing to conferences,    you   have at your fingertips the last minute comprehensive    searchable Maple bug lists presented in a uniform way which    helps you to decide if an unusual Maple behavior is a bug

   if it is really a bug then you may wish to consult our extensive    workaround tables coming soon

   if you case is absent in our Maple bug lists but looks strange    then you may wish to use our validation tools coming later

  if you want to know about bugs in specific function(s) you   cannot see in our lists we can calculate (identify) these bug   manifestations for you

   If you are a Maplesoft top officer/developer then

  in addition to your internal bug lists you always have at your   fingertips the last minute comprehensive   searchable Maple   bug  lists which can help you to make your business/   development  decisions in an easier way

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