Here you can find some research papers and reviews on automated testing and computer algebra system which might     be of use in the context of the problem

A Critique of the Mathematical Abilities of CA Systems  by  Michael Wester
  The capabilities of 7 major general purpose CASs are reviewed on 542 short problems
Hidden verification for computational mathematics  by  Hanne Gottliebsen, Tom Kelsey and Ursula Martin
  The power of computational logic of computer algebra systems shielding the users from its complexity
The Power Behind Maths  by Samir Khan
  From the long list of new capabilities in Maple 8, users have already picked some of their favourites
Review of Maple 7  by  David I. Graham
  Review of Maple 7
Review of Maple 6   by  Nigel Backhouse
  Review of Maple 6
Review of Maple V Release 5    by    Nigel Backhouse
  Review of Maple 6 Release 5
On Computing Limits in a Symbolic Manipulation System  by  Dominik Gruntz
  An algorithm for computing (one-sided) limits within a symbolic manipulation system
Almost All Software Testing Is Futile!  by  Mike Holcombe and Florentin Ipate
  A new method for generating test cases can provide a more convincing approach to the problem of detecting ALL faults
Differential Equations with Maple  by  Martin Ward
  Solving ODEs using Maple
Multisectioning, Rational Poly-Exponential Functions and Parallel Computation. by  Kevin Hare
  Techniques of deriving new recursion formulae; some Maple bugs
The Maple Dictionary with Examples  by  John V. Matthews, III
  Maple V vocabulary
Meta-heuristics for Circuit Partitioning in Parallel Test Generation  by C. Gil, J. Ortega, A.F. Diaz, M.G. Montoyan
  Simulated Annealing and Genetic Algorithms are applied to the graph partitioning problem
Birth of a Thinking Machine   by   Michael A. Hiltzik
  CYC by Douglas Lenat - the most sophisticated artificial intelligence system
The Integrator     by     Wolfram Research, Inc.
  The power to do integrals as the world has never seen before
Reverse Engineering Calculator
  Identification of real numbers
World of Mathematics  by  Eric Weisstein
  Encyclopedia of mathematics
CECM - Centre for Experimental and Constructive Mathematics
  Explore & promote the interplay of conventional mathematics with modern computation & communication in the math sciences
Automatic Calculus and Polynomials
  Enter your function to get your calculus derivative or integral with each step explained, automatically and fast.
Isolating CauseEffect Chains from Computer Programs  by  Andreas Zeller
  Prototype implementation successfully isolated the cause-effect chain for a failure of the GNU C compiler
TestEra: A Novel Framework for Automated Testing of Java Programs
  TestEra’s analyses of several case studies
Using TestEra to Check the Intentional Naming System of Oxygen
  The flaws TestEra identified in the Intentional Naming System
Another look at computability  by  Florentin Ipate and Mike Holcombe
  An elegant general approach to the question of classifying computational models
Zero-testing, witness conjectures and differential diophantine approximatio  by     Joris van der Hoeven
  Witness conjectures, which propose reasonable lower bounds for non zero constants
The function wizard project: Computer Algebra Handbook of Special Functions  by  E.S. Cheb-Terrab
  The power of computational logic of computer algebra systems shielding the users from its complexity
ANTabu - enhanced version
  An ants system algorithm for the quadratic assignment problem
Korat: Automated Testing Based on Java Predicates
  This paper presents Korat, a novel framework for automated testing of Java programs
Ordinary differential equations and Dynamical Systems  by  Gerald Teschl
  An introduction to ordinary differential equations and dynamical systems
Asymptotic Expansions with Oscillating Coefficients  by  Bruno Salvy and John Shackell
  Symbolic asymptotics of trigonometric and other oscillating functions
Hypergeometric Type Functions and Their Applications  by  Gennady Lyakhovetsky (in Russian)
  An algorithm for Meijer G function and other results
Ein Programm zur symbolischen Diskussion reeller elementarer Funktionen  by   M. Cohrs, E. H. A. Gerbracht, W. Struckmann
  Die Diskussion elementarer Funktionen spielt in der Schulmathematik und jeder einfuhrenden Analysisvorlesung
Large Scale Symbolic Programming with GiNaC  by  Alexander Frink, Christian Bauer, Richard Kreckel
  Large scale projects tend to become maintainable via GiNaC's fundamental symbolic facilities in the C++ programming language
On competitive on-line algorithms for the dynamic priority-ordering problem  by  G. Ramalingam and Thomas Reps
  There exists no algorithm for the dynamic priority-ordering problem that has a constant competitive ratio
On The Divergence Of The Rogers-Ramanujan Continued Fraction On The Unit Circle  by  D. Bowman and J. Mc Laughlin
  An intensive study of the convergence of the Rogers-Ramanujan continued fraction.
Maple on the Intel Paragon  by  Laurent Bernardin
  A higher level model of parallel processing based on the manager-worker scheme
On Stirling numbers and Euler sums  by  Victor Adamchik
  Yet another generalization of Stirling numbers of the first kind for non-integer values of their arguments
A Class of Series Acceleration Formulae for Catalan's Constant  by  David M. Bradley
  Transformation formulae and expansions for the log tangent integral
Creative Telescoping and Applications  by  Frederic Chyzak
  A method to compute definite sums and integrals
A survey of nonabsolute integration  by  Erik Talvila
  Why we need nonabsolute integrals
Analysis of a Web User Interface for Mathematics: Experiences with Integral Queries for TILU   by   R. Fateman and T. James
  Improvements in the computer-human interaction
A Certain Series Associated With Catalan’s Constant  by  Victor Adamchik
  A parametric class of series generated by integration of complete elliptic integrals is evaluated in closed form
Simplifying Square Roots of Square Roots by Denesting  by  David J. Jeffrey and Albert D. Rich
  Some of the steps that developers must take when writing computer algebra systems
PRIMES is in P  by  Manindra Agrawal, Neeraj Kayal and Nitin Saxena
  A deterministic polynomial-time algorithm that determines whether an input number n is prime or composite
Symbolic-Numeric Algebra for Polynomials - SNAP 96
  Problems involving polynomials with inexactly-known coefficients
Comparison Of Mathematical Programs For Data Analysis  by  Stefan Steinhaus
  Facts about mathematical programming languages
Wavelets  by  Gilbert Strang
  How did Mozart write it all down?
Wavelets For Kids  by  Brani Vidakovic and Peter Meuller
  A Tutorial Introduction
Medical Devices: The Therac-25  by  Nancy Leveson
  A detailed investigation of a massive overdose accident in a computer-controlled radiation therapy Therac-25 machine
The Importance of Being Continuous  by  David J. Jeffrey
  Architects! Remmeber, technically, it is always incorrect to quote a formula without specifying the interval on which it applies...
Curing The Andrews Syndrome  by  Shalosh B. Ekhad and Doron Zeilberger
  The rivalry between the classical and automated approaches to hypergeometric sums is beneficial to both
Some Divergent Trigonometric Integrals  by  Erik Talvila
  How these divergent integrals ended up in a respectable table?
Rapidly Growing Fourier Integrals  by  Erik Talvila
  When the integral is allowed to converge conditionally, the asserted asymptotic behavior can fail dramatically
Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for Differentiating Under the Integral Sign by  Erik Talvila
  Necessary and sufficient conditions for differentiating under the integral sign
The Poster The Mathematical Functions of Mathematica  by Oleg Marichev and Michael Trott
  Five nice Mathematica posters
The Geometer’s Workbench: An Experiment in Interacting with a Large, High Res Display  by  F.Guimbretiere and T.Winograd
  Bridging the gap between casual whiteboard interaction and the more formal use of a tool like Mathematica
Hypergeometric Function Representations  by  Kelly Roach
  An algorithm for computing formula representations of instances of the generalized hypergeometric function
Meijer G Function Representations  by  Kelly Roach
  An algorithm for computing formula representations of instances of the Meijer G function
Some Series Of The Zeta And Related Functions  by  Victor S. Adamchik and H.M. Srivastava
  Yet another approach to the problem of summation of series involving the Riemann Zeta and kindred functions
Derivatives of the Hurwitz Zeta Function for Rational Arguments  by  Jeff Miller And Victor S. Adamchik
  The functional equation for the Hurwitz Zeta function is used to obtain formulas for derivatives at negative odd s
The Evaluation Of Integrals Of Bessel Functions Via G-Function Identities
  Transformations for reducing certain cases of Meijer’s G function to a G-function of lower order
Searching Techniques For Integral Tables  by  T. H. Einwohner and Richard J. Fateman
  Data structures design and a program for storing a table of symbolic (in)definite integrals and retrieving user-requested integrals
Improving Exact Integrals From Symbolic Algebra Systems  by  Richard J. Fateman and W. Kahan
  Techniques for improving the form of results of symbolic mathematics systems
Software Test Managers' Roundtable - Los Altos Workshop on Software Testing
  A forum for sharing insights about the management of software testing
Writing Effective Use Cases  by  Alistair Cockburn
  A guidelines on writing effective use cases
Software Fault Prevention by Language Choice: Why C is Not My Favorite Language  by  Richard Fateman
How reliability might be affected by changing the language
Branch Cuts in Computer Algebra  by  Adam Dingle and Richard Fateman
  How one can manipulate, in a useful fashion, functions cannot be defined continuously on the complex plane
Function evaluation on branch cuts  by  Albert D. Rich and David J. Jeffrey
  The Kahan's counter clockwise continuity principle is discussed
Integration of the signum, piecewise and related functions  by  D.J. Jeffrey, G. Labahn, M. v. Mohrenschildt, and A.D. Rich
  Algorithms for evaluating integrals of compositions of continuous functions and signum functions
Well...It isn't Quite That Simple  by  Robert M. Corless and David J. Jeffrey
  If we expect our computer algebra systems to help us do analysis, these qualifications and provisions are essential
How fast can we compute products?  by  V. Kislenkov, V. Mitrofanov, and E. Zima
  Speed improvements for computation of n-ary products, for large n, over arbitrary precision integer or rational number domains
Recursive Integration Of Piecewise-Continuous Functions  by  D.J. Jeffrey and Albert D. Rich
An algorithm for the integration of a class of piecewise-continuous functions
A Review of Macsyma  by  Richard J. Fateman
Successes and failures of the Macsyma algebraic manipulation system from the point of view of one of the original contributors
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